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HoopGo Delivery App Mobile App UX/UI Design Project

Project Detail

HoopGo Shop Online offers its customers through e-commerce channels; is an e-commerce startup that sells sports, wellness and entertainment products.

Selling online is a great way to make money. This allows you to earn money from the comfort of your home while significantly reducing overheads. There are many things you can sell online. For example, you can sell a digital product such as an e-book or sell affiliate products. However, the most “familiar” business model for many would be to set up an e-commerce store. The good news is that you can do this very easily! You can open the products you want to sell through the HoopGo Shop.

The HoopGo project is an application whose delivery is exclusive to you, after payment, through a mobile application, and we managed the entire UX / UI design and mobile application process of this application.

Project Duration

The HoopGo project period was completed in a period of 12 months, and after completing the UX/UI design of the application, we completed the MVP process in about 6 months and moved on to the Growth Marketing process of the project. We successfully completed the entire project in 12 months.

Technical Processes Used in the Project

Technical processes used in the project, UX/UI mobile application design and mobile application coding processes have been completed. We carried out the MVP and design process first, and then the coding process. Afterwards, we managed the marketing and social media management process.

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